Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection Service - Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, Formby, Widnes, Wigan

Paint Protection
Professionally Applied, Cheaper Than The Dealership
Protect what is likely to be your second most valuable asset with us today. Professionally applied and we won't rip you off like the dealerships do.

Paint sealant is a great way to protect what is likely your second most expensive asset.  When you go to a dealership they will usually offer you this option. do not accept it.

The unfortunate truth is that the paint sealant will be applied by untrained staff who have not prepared it correctly beforehand, leaving the look of your vehicle impaired. They will also promise that their supagard product lasts up to 3 years...Not true! 1 year at the very best.

We apply

  • Ceramic/Nano Coatings - Lasting 2 years and over
  • Meguiars Paint Protection - Lasting up to 6 months

Car fully hand car washed and dried

Visible contaminants such as tar spots, fallout and tree sap removed

Hidden contaminants removed with a clay bar in preparation for sealant application

Paint sealant applied to the full exterior of the vehicle

High quality wax applied for added protection and lasting shine