Car & Vehicle Odour Removal Service
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There is nothing worse than having to travel long distances (or any distance for that matter) in a smelly car. The unfortunate reality, though, is that there are so many substances which can cause a permanent and foul smelling odour in your vehicle.

We have been very successful in removing all kinds of foul odours, even when others could not. The reason being, we use the right product for the right job. We have extensively researched how to remove some of the hardest to remove odours that anyone will experience in a vehicle and that is why we are confident in our abilities to remove any odours left in your vehicle.

While many car valeters will offer an interior valet with a fogging solution to remove odours, we understand that this will not kill the bacteria in many cases and only a full bacteria removal solution will work.

Naturally, we can't give a direct price list because every job will be different and require more or less attention than others. We try to keep our costs down as much as possible so give us a call and we can discuss what the job will entail.

Odours Removed

Sick/Vomit, Urine, Faeces, Blood & Other Bodily Fluids

With spillages such as this, the utmost care needs to be taken. Cleaning alone won't fully remove the odours left behind since there will bacteria left behind. We use specialised formula's to kill the bacteria and therefore, kill the odour. 

Not only does this remove the odour, but it also makes your car safe to drive again. Bacteria can be harmful and even dangerous to you and your passengers so make sure that you remove every last trace.

Cigarette Smoke Odour

If you smoke or have just bought a vehicle from a smoker then you will probably notice that the cigarette odour has managed to cling onto the inside of the vehicle. Removing this odour takes a lot of time and effort because you need to deep clean every part of the car where the cigarette particles may have found themselves on. This includes in the seats, mats, boot and even in the air conditioning.

We can remove the smell permanently so that the smell doesn't come back a few days later, unlike some other companies. 

Pet Smells (Wet Dog Odour)

There aren't many worse smells than what a pet can leave behind. We come across many different jobs but by far and away the most common is the "wet dog smell". Taking the dog for a walkies can be a smelly business which is why we have found the best way to get rid of the smell for good.

We also deal with pet vomit, urine, faeces and every other bodily fluid you can think of. We are experienced in all forms of car odour removal.