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Car Paint Decontamination Service

Mini Detail Service - Warrington, St Helens, Altrincham, South Liverpool, Widnes, Wigan

Car Paint Decontamination
keep your car cleaner than clean!
The paint decontamination service is a fantastic service your cars paintwork. Rather than simply cleaning surface dirt and then applying a wax, the mini detail service removes ALL contaminants from your car giving it a glass like feel.

It also prevents damage being done to your vehicle by the rail dust, iron fallout, tarmac and other contaminants.

This prepares the paintwork for a high-quality wax to be applied without masking the contaminants leaving them to further damage your car.

This service is essential for any car as it prevents a multitude of potential future problems which could cost you thousands.
Small Car
Medium Car
Large Car
Large Car

Car fully hand car washed and dried

Visible contaminants such as tar spots, fallout and tree sap removed

Hidden contaminants removed with a clay bar in preparation for Wax application

Meguiars ultimate wax applied to the full exterior of the vehicle

Wheels fully cleaned & protected