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Dealership & Business to Business Car Valeting

We provide car valeting service to dealerships across the North West. Take the headache of car valeting out of your business and concentrate on what matters to you.
Contract car wash agreements

We provide a cost-effective and reliable fleet car valeting service to all of our partners. We understand that you need to concentrate on making sales rather than managing cars to be cleaned. By outsourcing your car valeting needs to us, you are relieving yourself of a huge burden.

Why choose us?

  • We can find professional and knowledgeable operators to look after your vehicles
  • Great supervision team to ensure that the service is being carried out to your desired standard
  • Cost-effective service which allows you to save on the cost of employing members of staff and training them
  • Flexible service which can be tailored towards your businesses personal requirements
  • You don't need to worry about restructuring if the market changes

Services offered

Personal dealership requirements

These services are an example of what we can offer and are not limited to what is listed.

You can request more or less on a car by car basis and we will be happy to oblige.

Before any work starts we will discuss in detail what you require from us and we will then be happy to accomodate.

New Car Valeting

Used Car Valeting

Hand car washes

Mini Valets

Full Valets

Showroom Cleaning