Mobile Car Valeting Jobs

Start your own mobile car valeting business the smart way
Starting A Mobile Valeting Business
Mobile Car Valeting Franchise Alternative
When we say be your own boss, we really mean it. Unlike franchises we do not charge royalties or commission. Just one simple, cheap monthly payment!

This gives you the opportunity to grow your business and reap the full rewards of your hard work.
Mobile car valeting is growing in popularity. This is for 2 main reasons. Quality and convenience. Many people across the United Kingdom simply don't have the time or the inclination to look after what is likely their second most valuable asset.

Many people have also had bad experiences with the local hand car wash. Not only is it inconvenient, it is also usually run by amateur business people who don't have the passion that mobile business owners have.

Mobile Car Wash Marketing

Google my business page
We will set you up with a google my business page in our name. This will mean that you people can find you in your local area.
Business directory listing
We will list you under our name on the main business directories and your local ones as well. Includes a facebook page.
Dedicated Page On Our Website
On-going Support
We have a great reputation with the search engines, making us rank highly. Get constant leads from business owners and private customers alike.

We don't want to leech off your hard work like the franchises do. Make your business truly yours with our unique, value for money services. Prices start from £25 per month...No hidden fees involved!
We will give you constant advice, support and information to make your business a success. Our company is ever expanding and our reputation building.

Why use us rather than set it up yourself?

Value For Money

Instant results

Professional Appearance

Setting up your own website and spending money on advertisement costs a lot of money. 

So does franchising. We are by far and  away the cheapest way of finding new business leads on a constant basis.

We can do it so cheaply because we specifically target car valeters in need of a boost to their customer base.
If you were to set up your own website, there would be no guarantee that you would be found by potential customers. This could be an expensive mistake to make.

Alternatively you could use our reputation and get instant results, finding ​new customers and landing contracts.

Give your car valeting business a springboard with us.
Having a professional website and business profile will make it more than 5x more likely that potential customers will choose you.

Mobile car valeting is very much about appearance and making a great first impression when the customer finds you online will go a long way towards being chosen.

Our clients enjoy a steady stream of new customers coming in at a low cost.

What you need

  1. 0
    Your Own Transportation & Equipment
    This can either be a van or a large car, as long as you can fit some basic car valeting equipment inside in order to do the job. The great thing about this is that you can start small and build up.
  2. 1
    Car Valeting Experience
    Car valeting experience is important for your own safety as we will not be responsible for any damages. You will also be responsible for keeping a good reputation for our company within your area.
  3. 2
    We help you find good car valeting jobs within your area. We do not employ you or help you with tax. This is so that you can build your business and reap the full rewards of it.
  4. 3
    Email And Phone
    This may seem obvious but you will need to have these forms of contact for your customers to contact you. It would also be useful to you if you get Whatsapp as you can then join a community of car valeters for advice and information.
  5. 4
    Able to self motivate
    Being self-employed brings a lot of benefits but it also means that you will need to motivate yourself to go to the jobs. Nobody will be phoning you up to tell you to go to work!
  6. 5
    Home Address
    You will need to have an address we can set the google my business page to. This is essential for getting local business leads. You do not need to own the address yourself, just be living in it.
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