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Exterior Valets

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Interior Valets

Exterior Valet & Protect

Interior Deep Clean


Exterior Valet - From £30
Interior Valet - From £45
Wash & Protect - From £90
Interior Deep Clean - £90

Exterior Valet

From £40

Pre-wash to remove dirt and grit

Roof jet washed

Door & window shuts cleaned

Full shampoo hand wash

Aquawax Rinse Aid applied

Vehicle fully dried ready for use

Interior Valet

​From £50 

Interior fully vacuumed

All surfaces cleaned & Dried

Bathroom cleaned and sanitised

Kitchen cleaned and sanitised

Windows cleaned and polished

Plastics and dash cleaned

Wash & Protect

From £90 

Pre-washed to remove dirt and grit

Roof De-contaminated and pressure washed

All shuts opened and cleaned

Full shampoo hand washed

Aquawax rinse aid applied

Vehicle is fully dried

Full gloss protection applied

All surfaces polished