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Paint Correction/Restoration Detailing

Swirl mark removal, light scratches, watermarks and other contaminants

Hand Car Washed and dried

Tar spots and tree sap removed


Clay cloth used to remove all contaminants

Car is re-washed and fully dried

Car machine polished with compound and polish

Car protection paint sealant added - Supagard

Wax added for a deep shine 

What results can you expect?

Swirl marks removed - When you have your vehicle machine polished, you can expect most if not all swirl marks to be permanently removed. Of course, over time they can reappear if your vehicle is not washed correctly (dirty water used, dirty cloths etc) but with proper treatment you can maintain your cars new look.

Light scratches repaired - Light scratches which find their way onto your cars paint-work can be repaired with this service. Too many light scratches on your vehicle can ruin its appearance and value.

Paintwork look is often better than new - Many clients will be pleased to know that they can expect a better than new appearance with this service. Manufacturers will not generally protect the vehicles to the extent that we can provide.

​Your vehicle is a water reppellent - Water will flee from your car as soon as it hits the paintwork! This is thanks to the compounding, polishing,waxing and sealant protections now added.

What NOT to expect from paint correction

Deep scratch removal - Once the scratch goes beyong the paintwork and into the material, we will not be able to repair it. This will need to be done by having someone re-spraying the vehicle which will usually include the whole affected panel.

It won't last forever - Vehicles which are washed badly after the paint correction will still damage the paintwork. The only way to prevent damage reccuring is by using correct methods for washing your vehicle.