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We often come across customers who have come to the end of their lease but need to rid their vans or cars of the graphics which are still left on. Thankfully, we offer a mobile signage removal service for our customers. 

This is great for companies who have reached the end of their agreements on their fleet vans, or for individual traders selling their vehicles on.

Signage removal is by it's very nature a labour intensive process but also needs some experience so that you don't damage the paint work of the vehicle in any way.

Additional Extras

Polish & Wax - From £40

Once the signage from your vehicle has been removed, you will notice that it is brighter than the rest of your vehicle. This is because it has not been exposed to the elements as the rest of you car has been. 

In order to correct this we offer a T-cut and polish service to bring the vehicles paintwork back to it's original condition.